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Brexit has caused costs of around 50p per puzzle! - Any 4 Hanayama cast puzzles inc post £42.00 to UK paid using bacs! NB Standard post insurance is £20 - extra cover available by choice of postage. Bacs payment details - N Picot- 30-93-92 a/c 02098123 Make the order and then pay by bacs - Any questions email or call me 020 8421 2500

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I asked on my Facebook page why Hanayama had called them a Huzzle and got a very interesting response from my Friend Taroh who is a native Japanese speaker:
???: (pronounced "huh-zu-su") means 'to take apart' in Japanese,
and puzzle is written ???: (pronounced "puh-zu-ru")
Hanayama combined the two words together to make up a portmanteau that describes a puzzle you take apart.
I started with the easiest of them - the Cast Diamond which was a design by Scott Elliot who specialises in designing rather beautiful shapes that interlock in unusual ways.

various videos

Puzzle Mad

Puzzle Mad

spining globe

spining globe

A fascinating illusion when rotated. Simply rotate it to show the amazing effect of a constantly flowing spiral.

A dynamic art that invites you to transform from a precisely designed static shape to a hypnotic optical illusion.

When rotated, it produces an almost magical effect, just as a continuous spiral will fuse to the table.

Great for creators, producers, thinkers and anyone who wants to unleash their inner creativity and imagination. Stay focused, relieve stress or relax during work hours or brainstorming.
Diameter: About 3 cm / 1.18 inches

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