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Brexit has caused costs of around 50p per puzzle! - Any 4 Hanayama cast puzzles inc post £42.00 to UK paid using bacs! NB Standard post insurance is £20 - extra cover available by choice of postage. Bacs payment details - N Picot- 30-93-92 a/c 02098123 Make the order and then pay by bacs - Any questions email or call me 020 8421 2500

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chess pieces

Hanayama version of Marcel Gillen's original Chess Piece Puzzle designs .

Being cast, each piece has a nice weight to it, and they have been finished with Hanayama's trademark high-quality chrome plating.

A limited edition of 100 gold plated sets were also made and sold at IPP35 in Canada.

They all have their name engraved on the base. The size of the pieces have been reduced compared with the originals. The King (the tallest) stands at just under 11cm.

Modifications were made to how some of the designs work, but these are certainly for the better. For example, one of the original designs had a slight tendency to lock itself up......permanently. This problem has been completely solved in the Hanayama version. The overall solving process for each of the pieces is either identical or very close to how Marcel designed to originals to work.

Puzzles & Magic site | Chess Piece Hanayama Puzzles |  Chess pieces Hanayama

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