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Brexit has caused costs of around 50p per puzzle! - Any 4 Hanayama cast puzzles inc post £42.00 to UK paid using bacs! NB Standard post insurance is £20 - extra cover available by choice of postage. Bacs payment details - N Picot- 30-93-92 a/c 02098123 Make the order and then pay by bacs - Any questions email or call me 020 8421 2500


Nic Picot has been friends since university with Laurie Brockenshire, the world renowned puzzle solver. Laurie has a collection of more than 10,000 individual puzzle items. Both Nic & Laurie are members of The Magic Circle.

The frustration of these little cast metal puzzles lies in their apparent simplicity - just separate the pieces and reassemble them.

How hard can it be? Think again - Japanese puzzle masters Hanayama have 25 years experience creating deceptively tricky puzzles, and these are some of their finest.

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Hi Nic,

On 16/09/2019 13:53, Si B wrote:
Great Nic,
Thank you very much, I have made the BACS payment and I have posted back the original Bishop.
I have realised that I forgot to put a note in with the return, I hope this doesnt cause you a problem.
Really apprecaite your help with this, it is customer service like this that keeps a customer loyal.

Hi Nic

just wanted to say 'Thank you'.

My mother called you before Christmas regarding buying me some puzzles. She told me you were extremely helpful and as I had ordered from you before you were able to help in suggesting puzzles that I may not own already. You were spot on with your suggestions.

So, on behalf of mum and myself a big 'Thank You', your time and help was much appreciated
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Feel free to pose any questions about puzzles we will endeavour to answer you.
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About Us Page

Nic Picot graduated from Exeter university with an honours degree in Physics. He was also the first pupil from Forest Boys, Horsham to attend a university. Nic is also a professional magician performing magic for both coroprate and private events.

magic with Nic Picot
Vortex more

Vortex more

* The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quater of a century and is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created!
* Puzzle Mission - Separate the three pieces and put them together
* The three pieces each have a spiral (vortex) body and two protrusions. When assembled together, each piece is unified into a flat object.
* In order to undo this complex entanglement you need to unbind them three dimensionally. Good luck!
* These puzzles are hopelessly addictive and are arguably the most collectable puzzles on the planet.
Paypal payments- select invoice and we will send you a paypal request there is a surcharge as items have to be sent recorded .

We also believe that Paypal are not trustworthy and do not have a uk banking license.
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How To Find Us Page

We will be visiting puzzle clubs and we are based in North West London. A map link will follow.
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Contact Us Page

Tel us 020 8421 2500
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A sample of notable puzzle authors includes Sam Loyd, Henry Dudeney, Boris Kordemsky and, more recently, David J. Bodycombe, Will Shortz, Lloyd King and Martin Gardner.
Hanayama News puzzle

Hanayama News puzzle

Serious puzzle fanatics will enjoy the challenges this puzzle provides, but for the rest of us, it's a flop. I solved it within a few hours, but the process of solving it wasn't fun -- at all. Usually a puzzle of this kind provides a unique combination of intellectual and tactile pleasure; you move pieces in ways that satisfy the hands and frustrate the mind. After you've solved it, your hands have the pleasure of going through those motions, again and again. There are puzzles I haven't touched in years, but I bet I could still solve them in the dark.

This puzzle does not move. The components are connected internally. It has no components to twist and turn. Once you've solved it, you won't get the satisfaction of having your hands learn to solve it by feel. That satisfaction is a TREMENDOUS part of why most people do puzzles. A dedicated puzzler might enjoy it anyway, but for anyone else I'd recommend any of the many puzzles that move this way and that.

Hanayama Cast Puzzles News 2

It looks incredibly simple. It isn't. It mocks you. It looks you in the eye and says, "You think you can open me. But better men than you have tried and failed. Go ahead. Do your worst."

You'll get your money's worth out of this puzzle. And when you finally solve it, you'll be entertained watching other people struggle to open it.

Its incredibly durable cast metal, and I fully expect it to last many years
Specials Page

Specials Page

watch this space.


I like this puzzle because of the 2 shaped curved units. They only move as linked pieces but they appear to seperate with ease but that is not the case.

It is a really nice tactile toy to play with and makes a great worry bead. I managed to reassemble it fairly easily because I had deliberately ensured that I kept one piece orientated the same way all the time.

I have given this to several puzzle friends and colleagues - almost everyone opens it eventually but only the experienced ones are able to put it back together again. Everyone has enjoyed it! In fact, during an operating list, one of my patients (if you are reading this then I hope you are well recovered) was having his procedure awake under spinal anaesthesia and he was quite interested in my little hobby. I gave him this puzzle to play with during his operation. With a little assistance (I think it is harder to do whilst you are lying flat on your back) he solved it and also delighted in the final separation movement.

If you want a nice intermediate difficulty cast metal puzzle then you cannot go wrong with this one.

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