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There are more than 64 puzzles in the range.

ABC & Flag now back in production

Huzzle - Hanayama's new product description Puzzle as Huzzle! Huzzle is the new name for Japanese puzzle company Hanayama's cast metal puzzle range.
Ranging from beginner puzzles such as the Loop to challenging puzzles such as News, Hourglass, Padlock, Marble and more. The huzzle range is probably the best value and most collectible available today.

"Hagoru" means the inspiration and logic Adult puzzle that solves by using it.

That mission is "removing". And "return to the original."

It is deep enough to be simple. Using the head and hand full,
Now, please try to challenge.

Huzzle Puzzle video you tube

Love 2020

Love 2020

Hanayama Cast Huzzle (Puzzle) Cast LOVE

Difficulty Level 1

expected Oct 2020

Gold and silver, two pieces that make a smooth intertwined shape. I want you to return to a beautiful heart from the disengaged state.

It is a puzzle that repeats trial and error from various directions to combine two pieces of the same shape while being level 1.
The excitement of the moment when combined with the sushi is goosebumps!
The two pieces are the same type, and you can make a gold heart or a silver heart with two sets.

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