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Brexit has caused costs of around 50p per puzzle! - Any 4 Hanayama cast puzzles inc post £38.50 to UK paid using bacs! NB Standard post insurance is £20 - extra cover available by choice of postage. Bacs payment details - N Picot- 30-93-92 a/c 02098123 Make the order and then pay by bacs - Any questions email or call me 020 8421 2500

Magic with Nic Picot

When Nic arrived to entertain the England football team he was welcomed by the manager who warned Nic that the team would likely not join in or enjoy the magic as the night before they had aleady had a magician. Ian Wright was on Nic's first table and when Nic asked Ian to help the whole table joined in and were having lots of laughs. Towards the end of the evening the team manager was shoutung stop stop! they are all gettig too excited SO MUCH FOR NOT JOINING IN. To find out more about Ian Wright's reactions - get in touch!! Nic was left perplexed as to why it was such a great evening when he was told the audience would not get involved!



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